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Ontario’s Premier Private Mortgage Broker for Bad Credit*, No Credit, or Good Credit
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Get the Mortgage You Need Even if You Have Bad Credit*

Take out a private mortgage with Square Capital regardless of your credit and financial background. Our quick turnaround time ensures your mortgage will be quickly approved* so you can refinance your existing home asset or close the deal on your dream home. Apply today to get your first, second, or third mortgage approved.

We Don't Rely on Income Verification or Credit Checks

It is easier and faster to get a mortgage approved through Square Capital as we do not rely on credit history, income verification, credit checks, and other stringent guidelines and restrictions that traditional lending institutions impose. This allows us to easily secure the private mortgage your family needs to refinance your current home or purchase a new one. 

Apply today to experience the Square Capital difference. You’ll see why we are one of Toronto’s top mortgage brokers for bad credit*, no credit, and great credit. 

Already Have a Reverse Mortgage? No Problem

Square Capital lets you secure a private mortgage on top of the reverse mortgage you already have on your property. Use your private mortgage to renovate your home, pay back taxes, invest in your kids’ college fund, or even finance that honeymoon you’ve been dreaming of. The possibilities are endless. 

How our loans work?

We’ve simplified the process. Apply for our loan in minutes, without painful paperwork or waiting in queues.

Easy Application

Complete our online application. It’s quick, easy, and confidential.

Fast Decision

If you’re pre-approved, e-Sign your application to confirm funds.

Get Your Cash

Cash deposited to your bank account as quickly as the next business day.

Repay Your Loan

The original amount & the fees will be debited from your bank account.

Why Choose a Private Mortgage?

Getting a mortgage through a big bank or traditional lending institution isn’t always an option for Canadians or residents. Individuals and families turn to private mortgage brokers for a variety of reasons. The following are everyday situations borrowers come to Square Capital for a private mortgage:

You have a bad or poor credit history, so traditional lending institutions won’t approve your application. As one of Ontario’s top private mortgage brokers for bad credit*, Square Capital will help you finance the home you deserve.

Banks usually aren’t interested in providing mortgages for non-traditional properties. Securing a private mortgage is usually the best course of action in this scenario.

You recently moved to Canada and haven’t had time to establish a good credit history.

You need the money quickly to close the deal and don’t have time to go through the time-intensive steps of being approved for a traditional mortgage.

You are self-employed, and the bank isn’t considering all of your income in the mortgage application.

You need an attractive loan to help you catch up on bills and taxes

You need money to renovate your home

You’re only interested in a short-term loan.

Banks often turn away borrowers who are perfectly capable of paying their mortgages. Square Capital specializes in dealing with borrowers who have been declined by banks. We’re the private mortgage broker who is there for you in those challenging situations.   Our fast* service also works to the benefit of our clients. Many of our borrowers come to us after they didn’t receive approval from a bank but need to close a deal on their future home or cottage within the next 24 hours*. Don’t lose out on your dream home because traditional institutions are holding you up! Our wide range of options ensures you will secure the private mortgage you need. 

Low-Interest Rates

Square Capital offers some of the most competitive private mortgage interest rates in Ontario. Don’t be forced into a higher interest rate because the banks aren’t an option. We’ve assisted thousands of homeowners in securing low-interest rates that work for them. 

Your mortgage is the foundation on which you build your home, and you can make it work for your needs no matter your situation. Don’t settle; apply with us today, and secure a mortgage that works for you and your family. 

Our Satisfied Customers

Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson
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“Square Capital was there for me in a pinch when I needed to close a deal on my cottage on Lake Erie. I had a mortgage in place which fell through at the last minute because of a problem with the inspection! This left me scrambling, but I found Square Capital at the perfect time. They set me up with a private mortgage within two days so that I could close the deal on my cottage. I couldn’t be happier with their service.”

Use a Private Second Mortgage to Catch Up on Bills, Invest in Your Kids, or Renovate Your Home

Credit card rates are often as high as 28.99%, and sometimes even higher, so obtaining a second mortgage will provide you with a source of credit that can save you money in the long run. As one of the best private second mortgage brokers in Ontario, we have years of experience in securing private second mortgages for our clients. 

Square Capital’s low-interest rates will allow you to use that extra money for whatever you need. Paying credit card bills, funding your children’s higher education, renovating your home, and paying property tax arrears are all possible when you secure a private mortgage.

Ontario’s Private Mortgage Lender for Bad Credit*, No Credit, or Great Credit

Despite being located in Toronto, we regularly secure mortgages for clients across Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area. As a licensed Mortgage Brokerage in Ontario, we have clients ranging from Waterdown to Barrie, and we’re always looking to meet new borrowers from across this beautiful province.  Driving into Toronto to meet with us isn’t even necessary to be approved for a private mortgage. Securing a mortgage online is easier than ever. Other private mortgage brokers are stuck in the past, but Square Capital always has its eyes on the future. Apply for a private mortgage online today and get approved in the next 24 hours*!

Use Your Private Mortgage as a Construction Loan or a Home Renovation Loan

You deserve to live in a home that suits your needs. Financing those overdue renovations or even building your dream home from scratch are both possible with a private mortgage.

Complete the renovations you’ve wanted for years with a private mortgage arranged by Square Capital. You’ll have access to the money you need to expand your living space, finish your basement, remodel your bathrooms, or renovate your kitchen. You’ll have the money, so all you need to worry about is finding the backsplash that perfectly complements your dream countertop.

Using your private mortgage arranged by Square Capital as a construction loan to finance your home build or renovations is less rigorous and time-consuming than obtaining traditional financing from a bank. We offer many flexible construction financing options so you can build your home with less stress and fewer drawbacks compared to dealing with a bank.

What is a Private Mortgage?

Private mortgages are mortgages brokered by Square Capital instead of banks and traditional lending institutions. These institutions often deny borrowers capable of paying back a mortgage because they see too much risk. This can happen for various reasons, such as a lack of credit history, bad credit*, self-employment, and many more reasons. 

Mortgage brokers such as Square Capital aren’t so stringent with their mortgage guidelines. We believe in our borrowers’ ability to pay their mortgages on time, and we place a larger focus on the value and condition of the property in question than a bank. We won’t rely on your income or credit history; we look at the larger picture.  

Square Capital lends primarily based on the value of the property, the equity you retain in your real estate, and even the location of the property you’re interested in. Apply today to quickly secure your mortgage at a great interest rate. 

*Subject to the documentation provided by the client, and lenders’ terms and conditions