Are you 55+ years old?
Do you own your home?

  • Square Capital brokered Reverse Mortgage Might be the Ideal Financial Solution for You!
  • Turn Your Home Equity into Tax-Free Cash
How Much Do You Need?

Reverse Mortgages Toronto

Turn the equity you’ve built in your home into an additional source of income or cash with a Square Capital brokered Reverse Mortgage. A Reverse Mortgage allows Canadian homeowners age 55 years and older to access up to 55% of their hard-earned home equity tax-free in one lump sum or regular instalments without having to sell their homes.

Your home is typically worth more than what you owe. Due to the combination of the current appreciation in home prices, low-interest rates, and low LTV, there is generally minimal risk to the equity in your home. Think of it as a built-in retirement option that will allow you to enjoy your retirement stress-free. Those with bad credit are also likely eligible for a Square Capital brokered Reverse Mortgage solution since we secure the loan against the value of your home, not your credit history.

Call Square Capital today to start your retirement with ease. 

Retire in the Home You Love

One of the benefits of a Reverse Mortgage is that it allows you to continue living in the home you know and love while turning your home’s equity into income you want or need. This financing solution won’t disrupt your lifestyle in the slightest. It will allow you to make the renovations your home needs so you can enjoy your retirement in the comforts of the home you’ve made for yourself – all while retaining ownership of your property and not having to worry about monthly mortgage payments. 

With a Reverse Mortgage loan, you’ll be able to invite family and friends over to the house you’ve made memories in for years to come. Retirement provides you with the ultimate freedom to live your life the way you want. Call Square Capital to apply for a Reverse Mortgage today and kick start your retirement today.

Apply today to experience the Square Capital difference. You’ll see why we are one of Toronto’s top mortgage brokers for bad credit, no credit, and great credit. 

What’s our Reputation? Here’s What Our Clients Say.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about us as a trusted mortgage broker: 

Natasha De Lambert
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“Square Capital was there for me in a pinch when I needed to close a deal on my cottage on Lake Erie. I had a mortgage in place which fell through at the last minute because of a problem with the inspection! This left me scrambling, but I found Square Capital at the perfect time. They set me up with a private mortgage within two days so that I could close the deal on my cottage. I couldn’t be happier with their service.”
Sashank Bhavsar
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“They made sure we understood the current market conditions with timely advice.”

Benefits of a Square Capital Brokered Reverse Mortgage

Being a flexible financing solution, there are plenty of advantages to a Square Capital brokered Reverse Home Mortgage:

Retain ownership of your home with a Square Capital brokered Reverse Mortgage. Moving is a hassle, and we know how important it is to retire in the home you love.

Your choice between a lump sum payment or monthly installments; allowing you to choose a reverse equity mortgage solution that works for you.

Tax-free cash in your pocket. Canadian reverse mortgages allow you to turn your hard-earned home equity into tax-free cash.

Experience retirement the way you want. Travel, renovate your home, pay off your debts, or use your money to do whatever you want!

No monthly mortgage payments are required.

Cash advance and repayment options. We’ll figure out a plan that works for you together.

How We Can Help

As one of Toronto’s leading reverse mortgage brokerages, Square Capital is here for you from the beginning of your application until your tax-free money is in your account. There are plenty of options to choose from, so our team will help you decide which reverse mortgage solution best suits your needs.

Are You Eligible for a Reverse Mortgage?​

You may be eligible for a Square Capital brokered Reverse Mortgage if you meet the following conditions

You are a homeowner aged 55 or older

The home on which you wish to secure your Reverse Mortgage is your primary residence (you live there for more than 6 months per year)

$150,000 minimum home value

All title holders of the home apply as joint borrowers

Access the Money You Need

Reverse Mortgages are for seniors who want to maintain their financial independence and security well into their retirement while keeping their family’s future a priority. You’ll be able to use this financing solution to support your family, invest in your grandchildren’s education, cover everyday expenses, pay off debt, make renovations to your home, and so much more.

You’ll have complete freedom to do whatever you like because Square Capital brokered Home Equity Reverse Mortgage puts the cash you need directly into your pocket. 

The Square Capital Steps

There’s plenty to discuss and go over before you decide which solution works best for you.
Square Capital will work with you to accomplish the following:

  1. Calculate the loan amount you’re eligible for.
  2. Determine whether you want a one-time lump sum advance or recurring monthly advances.
  3. Outline your ongoing property-expenses. This will help us determine what financing solution works best.
  4. Determine whether a fixed or variable interest rate is better for your financial needs.
  5. Help prepare you for the process of changing your mortgage type and interest rate term.

What Type of Canadian Reverse Mortgage Works Best For You?

Square Capital offers two distinct Reverse Mortgages for you to choose from – fixed terms and variable terms. 

Our variable term rates are determined by the lenders’ prime rate, which is affected when the Bank of Canada adjusts its benchmark rate. It is called a ‘variable term rate’ because it may fluctuate up or down over the course of your reverse mortgage term, so the interest rate is not locked in. 

Our fixed term rate is locked in for the term of your Reverse Mortgage financial solution. Square Capital offers fixed-rate reverse mortgages from different lenders in six-month, 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year periods, so you can choose the solution that works best for you. 

Choose the Payment Option That Works For You

Having flexibility with how you receive the funds from your Reverse Mortgage is essential. Everyone’s situation is different, and we want to be able to help you no matter what. 

You can choose to receive a one-time lump sum payment, monthly recurring payments, or a combination of the two. The following lists the features of both of these options: 

One-Time Lump Payment

You take the entirety of your maximum eligible amount up-front. This option gives you all your money at the very beginning.

You have the choice between an adjustable or fixed interest rate term.

Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for lower Lump-Sum interest rates.

This option is ideal if you need a large amount of money in your pocket for the near future.

Recurring Payments

A periodic payment is deposited directly into your account on a schedule of your choosing.

Only available for adjustable interest rate terms.

This option is subject to the adjustable interest rate in effect at the time of each deposit.

This option is ideal for those who would like an additional and consistent income source for the future.