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A Mortgage Advisor with Traditional and Alternative Mortgage Funding Sources

At Square Capital Management Inc. we’ve been helping businesses and individuals find their best mortgage rates and conditions for many years. Are you looking for an experienced mortgage advisor? A quick call to 1-416-901-9525 or an email to, and we’ll be able to get you a quotation, or several, within a few hours.

Whether you’re a Canadian first time home buyer, or if you’ve tried the traditional mortgage sources unsuccessfully, get in touch. We deal with clients with a wide range of financial situations. As your online mortgage broker of choice, we may be able to help you boost your credit rating or find an alternative source of funding for your business or residential acquisition.

Square Capital: Mortgages and Loans are Our Only Business

As one of the best mortgage brokers in Toronto, we can offer various mortgage options and loans ranging from $50,000 to $500,000 over 6 to 60 months.  We have the flexibility to tailor the terms and payments to suit your needs.  

So if the big banks have turned you down for a mortgage, get in touch with the best mortgage broker in Toronto and the GTA. You’ll find that Square Capital is a reliable, and trusted mortgage broker that can make things happen for your good credit mortgage or bad credit mortgage.  Our easy application, fast service, and attractive Ontario mortgage rates may be just what you’re looking for.  

What’s our Reputation? Here’s What Our Clients Say.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about us as a trusted mortgage broker: 

Why Work with Square Capital as Your Mortgage Broker?

We consider ourselves one of the leading loan and mortgage advisors in the GTA. 
Our core principles are clear and we live by them:

Responsible mortgage practises.

Respect for our customers.

Privacy and data security.

A first-rate professional client experience.

Clear and truthful information.

Speed and accuracy in all our transactions.

No hidden costs.

Reliable online mortgage broker.

A successful mortgage broker for poor credit mortgage.

Reliable online mortgage broker.

How We Can Help?

We have been meeting the needs of our residential and commercial clients for years. Simply fill out our straight forward application form.  We promise to get back to you in no time at all with a plan or several attractive options to meet your needs.

Professional Guidance in the Mortgage Market

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  We’ve heard them all before.  As a trusted mortgage broker, we provide all the guidance and support you will need in making the largest purchase you’ll ever make. We have a long history of working with experienced and financially well-off buyers.  At the same time, we’re a respected mortgage broker for poor credit mortgage and for those often overlooked by traditional mortgage providers.  

Our excellent team is well-known and trusted bad credit mortgage providers in Ontario.  Drop us a note at or give us a call at 1-416-901-9525, and we’ll get the ball rolling.  We’ll have you in your new home or will have refinanced your mortgage before you know it.

We Are Trusted: Mortgage Professional Canada

Our customers like the work we do and trust us to serve them well. We’ll work with you to secure some of the best available Ontario mortgage rates available in the GTA. We have access to over 60 mortgage lenders, so 

As one of the best mortgage brokers in Toronto and the surrounding area, we’ll find several that can meet your needs.  We can design a loan or mortgage tailored to your interests, needs and financial situation. We may be able to allow you to purchase a property with as little as 5% down.

What Would You Like to Do?

As a leading mortgage broker in Toronto and the surrounding area, we provide several mortgage products including bad credit mortgage, good credit mortgage, no credit mortgage, construction loan, and private mortgages to make your life easier. Are you buying a home for the first time?  We’re here to guide you every step of the way with some of the best rates in the marketplace.  Perhaps you want to refinance your present mortgage to take advantage of our very attractive rates.  We can also look at loans for upgrading your current home with that new kitchen or addition.  And sometimes, you want to consolidate your debt to make paying it down more manageable.

At Square Capital, we’re a respected bad credit mortgage broker who has experience working with a full range of clients. If the big banks, credit unions and other traditional lending sources have turned you down, give us a try. Or perhaps you’re feeling entrepreneurial and want to purchase a rental property.  We’re full-service mortgage advisor who will work with you to meet your every requirement.  We offer a variety of competitive rates, including fixed and variable rates and insured and conventional mortgages.

Square Capital: A Leading Mortgage Broker in the GTA

Purchase, switch or refinance your mortgage with an experienced mortgage advisor with the trusted financial team at Square Capital.  We know the mortgage business. Whether you’re buying a home for the first time or are a long time homeowner and want to switch or refinance your present mortgage, you’ll find our team of mortgage advisors can create a mortgage that fits your needs.  

If you’re a Canadian first-time home buyer, you might find that purchasing a home can be a confusing and costly event.  Work with a mortgage advisor from Square Capital who will take you step by step through what might appear to be a confusing process. 

Our Experience and Excellent Reputation Says it All

There are some clear advantages to working with Square Capital as your mortgage broker

  1. Save hours, if not days. We help you compare rates from the country’s leading lenders with a single application.
  2. Because our lenders compete for your business with their best terms, you can save thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage.
  3. Work with our experienced specialists. Together we’ll find the loan or mortgage conditions to serve your needs and protect your pocketbook.
  4. Mortgage rates can change rapidly. We can hold your quoted rates for up to 120 days.
  5. As one of the best mortgage brokers in Toronto, our flexibility and efficiency set us apart and save you money.
We guarantee you a ‘square deal’, every time.

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